Circle Dance

Sacred Circle Dance was an idea in Bernhard Wosien’s heart during the 70’s. Many of us resounded to his inner call, and the task of bringing peace through circle dancing found his own road and took shape. This dances allow us to reach states of deep connection with our individual and collective essence, they are a very powerful vehicle of pacification and healing.

Their simplicity and spontaneity make them approachable to people of all ages, beyond ideas, beliefs, or culture.

World music, traditional dances, and archetypal movements connect us with the roots of humankind and with the collective unconscious; sharing dances in a circle contacts us with the Earth and the subtle dimensions.

The movement of the sacred circle dances borned in the 70's in the Findhorn community in Scotland. There was a meeting on the renewal of spirituality in which a German professor of dance introduced the tradition of those dances. From there to here, countless people were touched by the rescue that always made us dance together when we celebrate the life, death, the cycles of the earth and moon, meetings, farewells.

Rituals of the world and of all ethnicities, originally gathered people in a circle. Over the centuries the circle has ben transformed into two lines, then we began to dance in couples and now we dance alone. What is the meaning of finally returning to dance together?

Internet Texts responds that, even if we don´t known to those who live next door, dancing with them has a gift creating harmony quickly and without words. That here is a power in the circle, in the group of people that hold hands and move together, in harmony with rhythms, melodies and steps that survived the centuries.. That circular dances restore feelings common to all human beings and that´s why they are so transformative./span>. Nobody needs to be a professional dancer, just enter with open heart to share the overflow of spirit and joy.

Sonia Hirsch in book "Não existe problema!", Judith Munk biographical, march 2004