Sergio Malqui

The encounter with circular dances was the beginning of an odyssey, to take awareness of myself and my mission, to make space in me for the Angelic Beauty Guardian…. letting that energy flow inside me through the dance; being in this way, a mirror of the circle reminding us the way back home.

In 1991, I graduated as an Israeli folk dance teacher from EDITTI School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked as an Israeli dance instructor in Macabi, Santa Fe. In 1994, I became director of the Israeli Dance Department of the same institution.

From 2002 to 2006, I was director of the second representative group of the Israeli dances in the Jewish community in Santa Fe.

In 2006, Pablo Scornik took me through the circular sacred dances. Led by him, I met some great teachers like Friedel Kloke, Frida Zalcman, Fleur Barragan, Lucia Cordeiro and others. Since then, Circular Sacred Dances are part of my way of life.

Since 2007, I´m part of tinkudanzas, co-director of the summer circular dances in Argentina, and workshop focalizer in Argentina as well as in some other countries in Latin America and Europe.